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4:17pm on Tuesday, 14th January, 2020:

To Do


I got a new stand for my monitor for my birthday, which my wife and daughter installed while I was at work. One of the things they placed where I'd see it was a to-do list dating from about 1996.

I knew I had it, and that it was somewhat out of date, so I threw it out. However, it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to look at it, just in case there was anything I really did need to do.

Here it is, uncrumpled, with printed translations of my handwriting alongside.

I did the web site.
I wrote DWEB, then lost it when the hard drive I'd saved it on didn't fit in the next computer. I occasionally set it as a student project.
I did the bibliography when I wrote my book in 2003.
I tried to do 1001, but only half the management team had their heart in it.
I didn't need to do the dots library.
I couldn't agree on a format for the help files with the other person who wanted to write them.
I did the maps.
I began 2MUD2. It eventually ended up more as MUDDLE2C.
I analysed the AD&D spell list. I wasn't impressed.
I didn't gather the Wild West data.
I updated some of the MUDDLE mini-manual, but not enough.
I still intend to do the Isle of Mystique.
I still intend to type up the TV script, if the pencil hasn't faded too much.
I did purge and update The List.

My handwriting is unusually good, because I wrote it with care so future me could figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

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