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2:10pm on Thursday, 21st November, 2019:

Unsound System


While standing outside a café in Montevideo, waiting to meet a group of people who had decided not to go to the café but hadn't yet told me, I took these photos of a vehicle as it went past. That is indeed a speaker attached to the roof. My rudimentary O-Level Spanish was sufficient to ascertain that it was advertising a candidate for the second round of the presidential election that is set to take place this Sunday.

I'm glad that none of the UK political parties have any of these little cars. Actually, maybe they do in marginal constituencies where votes actually count. I remember that when I was a lad, people used to drive around in cars with loudspeakers on to, urging us to vote for some particular candidate. They'd do it in local elections, not just general ones. It was like the opposite of an ice cream van: you heard it coming and made yourself scarce so as not to have to engage with it.

Today, in the throes of the UK election, the only ads I'm coming across are on Facebook. None of them have been relevant: it seems that despite the fact it's supposed to know everything about me, Facebook is unaware that I don't live in the Colchester constituency so will not be voting for whoever is trying to persuade me through the medium of Facebook advertising to vote for them. I suspect that the ads are generic, given that one this morning from the Conservatives has a picture of Nicola Sturgeon on it. Even the Scottish Nationalists themselves would concede that their chances of winning the Harwich and North Essex seat are quite slim.

When I typed "Nicola Sturgeon" into Google just now, to make sure I was spelling her name correctly, the results page included a "People also ask" section, the second question of which was "Who is Nicola Sturgeon married too?". I can believe that enough people don't know it should be "Whom" to make an impact on the phrasing, but "too"?

I'm sure that car would fall over backwards if it went up a hill.

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