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11:19am on Saturday, 21st September, 2019:

Classic Issue


This week's Essex County Standard is a classic of its kind. It's got everything!

The word "revamp" appears in three headlines, on pages 16, 24 and 27.

There's a tactless pun on how the opera glasses dropped by President Lincoln's wife when he was assassinated right next to her have "fallen into the lap" of a local auctioneer.

A story about a man being stabbed is 2 column inches long. A story about a cat with an air pistol pellet in its lip is 9 column inches long plus 3 column inches of cat X-ray.

There's nothing about the referendum we had in West Bergholt.

A story about a new Pilgrim Centre being planned manages to stretch to 6 column inches without ever explaining what a Pilgrim Centre is.

The headline for one article is also used for the article beneath it, making it a complete non sequitur.

All in all, it was well worth the £1.10 I paid for it using my wife's credit card.

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