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7:47pm on Wednesday, 21st August, 2019:



I was at the IEEE Conference on Games today, giving the morning post-coffee keynote. This meant it started 15 minutes late, so I had to rattle through my 47 slides rather quickly. It was a tricky topic — challenges to our morals from creating virtual worlds containing sapient, self-aware, conscious, reflective beings — but it went down a lot better than I was expecting. I spent several hours afterwards discussing the ideas with different people.

I was asked a number of times if I'd written this up, which indeed I have. I wrote an entire book about virtual worlds and philosophy last year. Unfortunately, of the eight or so people who I sent it to, only one actually finished it. Two didn't get past the first fifty pages and the rest probably didn't either but were too polite to say. I shall be attempting between now and Christmas to restructure it so it makes more narrative sense. Whether I'll succeed or not is another matter, of course.

Anyway, the slides for the talk are available at http://mud.co.uk/richard/IEEECoG.pdf, and there'll probably be a Youtube video of it available somewhere eventually too.

Hmm, I must remember to book my car parking at the station for tomorrow's conference day.

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