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2:27pm on Sunday, 15th September, 2019:

Cats v Pigeons


Next door's cats are really upping their game. There are currently the results of three cat-versus-pigeon contests in our garden which the pigeons didn't win.

It's not just the cats, though. Yesterday, I came across a pigeon corpse in the middle of a disc of feathers; I was going to move it somewhere out of the way, but it was infested with wasps. I didn't know wasps ate dead pigeons, but I do now. Today, though, the pigeon carcass has disappeared. There aren't even any bones, just feathers.

Maybe pigeons are trying the bird equivalent of berries, luring creatures to eat them so their seeds are spread far and wide. If so, someone needs to take evolution to one side and give a gentle hint that maybe it's not really working out.

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