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9:37am on Wednesday, 11th September, 2019:



At the plenary session of the IGGI symposium yesterday, we were asked to respond to questions using a system called Menti. Questions are posted and we get to give responses anonymously using freeform text.

Wait, anonymously? Freeform text? Isn't that ... dangerous?

Q1: What does IGGI do that it should keep doing?
A: Help! I am trapped inside a computer.

Q2: What does IGGI do that it shouldn't do?
A: Ask awkward questions over Menti.

Q3: What does IGGI not do that it should do?
A: Desposit the sum of $4,000,000,000 (four billion dollars) into my bank account.

I was hoping that giving playful responses might encourage others to do the same, but no-one did. They responses drew laughs, but not new responses.

Most of those present in the audience were gamers, but it would seem they're not switched on as gamers the entire time. Oh well.

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