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12:48pm on Monday, 10th June, 2019:



I've just spent ten minutes trying to persuade my phone that what it thinks is north is actually south by drawing infinity symbols in the air. I have succeeded in convincing it that what it thinks is north is what's actually east, so I suppose that's an improvement, but really, how hard can this be?

Look, phone, you know my geographic location. How about I go outside, hold you up like the Statue of Liberty's torch, and I rotate three times? You have a camera, you can tell where the sun is, you know what time it is: work out where north is.

Too hard for you? How about I tell you that I'm going to walk fifty metres in a straight line. You don't need to know what direction I walk, just that I'm going forward and you're pointing the same direction as I'm walking. You know my start point, you know my end point: you can figure out what angle the line is and set that as your orientation.

Come to that, why can't I just point you north and tell you you're pointing north and you believe me?

It's so embarrassing drawing those infinity symbols in a pizza restaurant while waiting for your food...

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