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7:34pm on Tuesday, 8th October, 2019:

Free Hot Drink


One of my PhD students (hi, Joseph!) has submitted his PhD. The mighty university administrative machine immediately swung into action and sent him confirmation, thoughtfully CCing it to a completely different Professor Bartle (in the Government department) so I only eventually received it today.

The format is quite formal:
Student Name
Student Registration Number
Number of copies
Free Hot Drink
What happens next
Tier 4 International Students
ATAS for International Students

Wait, wait, what was that back there? "Free Hot Drink"?

Yes indeed. This is what the section says: "Congratulations from the Students Union - Well done on submitting your thesis, have a free hot drink on us! Show your submission confirmation email to SU Reception and they will give you a voucher for a free hot drink at the SU Kitchen."

That's nice, but as incentives to submit go, I can't really see anyone thinking, "you know what, I may not really feel like writing up a 60,000-word thesis after 4 years of work, but if I get a free coffee, I'm going for it!"

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