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5:40pm on Friday, 5th April, 2019:

Weekends Back


Today, I finished marking the CE217 assignment. I get my weekends back!

Last year, I sped up the marking by writing all the comments I made into a file, then when I wanted to say the same thing I copied and pasted. This year, to speed things up more, I copied the whole file and just deleted the lines I didn't need. It cut down the marking of each assignment by 5 or 10 minutes.

This is great, except I harbour the suspicion that I left some lines in that I shouldn't have, and the students will be seeing comments that make no sense or contradict a statement that immediately precedes or follows it. I did a check of the one line that I really didn't want to be seen when it shouldn't be ("that's 15 marks you won't be getting, right there") and discovered it was present in about 1 in 12 assignments that it shouldn't have been in.

Only 3 MSc dissertation proposals to look at now, then I can get around to answering all the emails that have been stacking up in my in box while it was all hands to the CE217 pumps. Nevertheless, on the whole I'm overjoyed to have got all the assignment marking behind me (at least until next year).

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