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11:55am on Saturday, 3rd August, 2019:

Of the Times


The village I live in managed to appear in this week's Essex County Standard.

This is what comes of not teaching sign manufacturers the origins of British placenames. In Anglo-Saxon names, "berg" is a hill and "holt" is a wood. The locals may pronounce it without the h, but it's there...

I was hoping we'd be in the news because repairs to a burst water main have blocked the main road into Colchester for three days, but that's not important enough to merit a mention — even though the other main route into the village is blocked for two months for new gas mains to be installed. Fortunately, although both sets of roadworks use indistinguishable temporary diversion signs, they happen to send people along the same route. Otherwise, there'd be a danger that diverted traffic would end up driving round in a circuit.

The Essex County Standard only used the word "revamp" twice in this issue; they must have to keep within a budget now.

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