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8:11pm on Thursday, 1st August, 2019:



Following the death from a heart attack of my brother ten years ago, I was put on statins by my doctor as a precautionary measure. Every few months, I have to go and have a review (blood and urine test) to make sure the statins aren't killing me. I had one last week when I got back from my holidays, and was told a new prescription would be sent to the pharmacy by today (when my previous supply ran out).

Hmm. It turns out they didn't send the prescription. I believe that this is because the surgery I was at closed down and I was moved to a new surgery (that's actually more convenient to visit). The prescription needs to be signed off by my GP, but as I don't have a GP at this surgery yet no-one signed it. It should be ready by Monday.

I thought I had a few small supplies of statins in the bags I use for travelling, which I could use to tide me over until Monday. However, upon searching said bags, it turns out I must have used them all when I actually went travelling. Bah!

This means I get to go a whole four days without statins. I doubt this will kill me, given that they're only precautionary in the first place and all they do is reduce cholesterol, but I should probably pick up the new batch on Monday.

One of the side-effects of statins is that you can't eat grapefruit. As a result of being off them, I shall therefore be able to eat as much grapefruit as I want for four days.

Actually, I could have done that anyway as I don't like grapefruit. The number I want to eat is zero.

Anyway, if I drop dead between now and Monday, someone sue the surgery please.

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