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3:50pm on Monday, 1st July, 2019:



We had a talk by the Vice Chancellor of the university this morning. I came away with the impression that the university has done more planning about what to do in the event of a no-deal Brexit than has the British government.

The VC had some very nice things to say about the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, which was mainly a consequence of his speaking to us two days before the results of the National Student Survey come out. We are unlikely to shine in it.

We were invited to read the 6-page Strategic Plan, or, if that was 6 pages too much, then to watch the video. "Just search for Essex University Strategic Plan on Youtube". I did search and I didn't find it. If they mean the one that's embedded in the university's About Us>University Strategy web page, it's probably just as well.

Speaking of web sites, the university's cookie policy has a section header reading "What data is collected?". I wonder what the plural of "data" is in this universe.

There was a question-and-answer session afterwards. Given the university's ambition to be in the top 200 worldwide (it's in the top 250 at present), I did consider asking him why we weren't a member of the Russell Group. That would move us tens of places up because of its effect on our reputation. In the end, I didn't ask, though; I suspect that the answer would be that we'll need to be in the top 200 before they'll accept us. Also, they may require that we have a medical school. We may have to buy Anglia Ruskin's.

The VC's speech was followed by a Research Away Day. I'm not on a research contract, so I went away for the rest of the day.

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