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8:55am on Friday, 1st March, 2019:



I was walking to my class yesterday afternoon, and for some way was behind a student who was speaking on her phone to one of her friends. Here's the gist of what she was saying.

On Valentine's Day, she'd sent her boyfriend a card but he hadn't sent her one. They'd had a big row over it. He claimed they'd agreed not to send cards, but she was having none of that, he was just making it up.

Every day since then, she's received a Valentine's Day card. Her boyfriend denies it's him who's sending them, and it's really getting beyond a joke now. She doesn't know how many he's bought and when they'll stop.

Sadly, she went into the teaching centre before I found out how the cards were being sent. 67p for a stamp is quite pricey.

Wait, 67p? That's almost 13/6 in old money!

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