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7:12pm on Thursday, 11th October, 2018:

Leaping Later


The university's poster with pictures of people and where they come from has now been filled in. Here's the result:

Assuming that the proportion of students who don't think putting their photo up is uncool remains constant across all nationalities, then this is a representative illustration of where they come from.

I'm surprised that so many students come from North America. I'm not surprised that pretty well all UK students come from near London. I'm not surprised by the number of students coming from Europe or by whereabouts in Europe they come from. I'm surprised that there are hardly any students from Africa. I'm not surprised by the vast numbers of students from Asia. I don't think anyone would be surprised by the tiny number of students from Australasia.

Maybe next year they should expand the section for India, China and Indonesia and put Australia and New Zealand in a corner somewhere.

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