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11:57am on Sunday, 9th September, 2018:



We spent a good part of yesterday afternoon walking round carpet shops while clutching a rabbit. The rabbit in question was the exact shade of grey my wife wanted our new carpet to be, so when she saw something close she held up the rabbit and asked him whether it was a match or not. The carpet had to be 80% wool, 20% something-beginning-with-p (as in, there are several artificial fibres beginning with p, any one of which would have done). She most certainly didn't want a carpet made of 100% something-beginning-with-p. This is because she researched the subject to death beforehand and will be seeing weeks of adverts for carpets in her iPad browser as a result.

Eventually, we actually did find something of which both my wife and the rabbit approved.

I'm glad we did. I wasn't looking forward to having to buy 2,800 toy rabbits for their pelts.

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