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5:14pm on Sunday, 4th November, 2018:



We went to visit my father-in-law at Newmarket today. My wife prepared a casserole for lunch, which we took with us to warm up in his oven. This meant that we spent the entire journey in a car thick with the aroma of casserole that we couldn't eat until we got to Newmarket.

"At least we'll be OK for food if we get stuck in traffic", I quipped.

Maybe a minute later, we got stuck in traffic. Worse, we didn't have a spoon.

We have no idea what caused the delay, but it lasted 15 minutes. Our side of the carriageway wasn't moving and there was nothing coming the other way. Then, all of a sudden, whatever the problem was disappeared and both sides of the road got moving. There was no indication of any kind of accident or incident; it was as if nothing had happened, except we'd been trapped in a car with a casserole for 15 minutes longer than we were expecting.

My wife made so much casserole that on the way back, we had the leftovers in her casserole dish. "We forgot to bring a spoon", I quipped.

Maybe a minute later, we got stuck in traffic.

It was at this point that I remembered we had a packet of Minstrels in the glove compartment, left over from when we went to the wedding last week.

They didn't last long enough to cover the wait, which was 25 minutes this time. At least we know what caused it: a crash involving five vehicles. There were at least four police cars, four fire engines and one ambulance in attendance, very probably more. They're still clearing it up now, an hour later.

We drive to Newmarket quite regularly and never encounter any delays at all. Today, we had two, one in each direction.

Clearly, casseroles and cars don't mix.

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