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3:26pm on Monday, 3rd December, 2018:



As part of the interminable refurbishment of our living room, my wife decided that the best place for the TV was as far away from the sofa as possible. This looked good but meant I was watching an image that addressed the same area on my retinas as the black and white set I watched in 1968. We decided we needed a new TV, but this one (bought in 2009) was fine. There was nothing wrong with it other than it could have been bigger. We couldn't find anyone to offload it onto, so resigned ourselves to waiting until it decided to go wrong.

Well, last week, it did just that. It threw itself on its sword at a time of its own choosing.

My wife immediately set about researching which TV was best as a replacement. She settled on a 55-inch one, on the grounds that anything bigger was a rip-off. OK, so the 55-inch was a rip-off too, but not quite as much of a rip-off. All the reviews were saying that LG was the make to go for, so we went to the local electrical shop (Hughes) to get one. We chose Hughes as they have very helpful and knowledgeable sales assistants.

Half an hour later, our helpful and knowledgeable sales assistant had managed to persuade us that actually Panasonic were a better buy as LG's components were cheap and Panasonic was the only manufacturer that made its own OLED displays instead of buying them off LG.

Unfortunately for him, his expertise at selling was not matched by his employers' expertise at ordering. There were none of the favoured TVs in stock and no indication of when they might be in stock. He'd effectively just spent 30 minutes persuading us to buy a TV from Curry's off the Internet. Even more annoyingly, Hughes had the better deal.

The TV arrived yesterday and is now up and running. It's possible we may have to buy more wires as it's still just about possible to tell them apart.

I don't think I'll be watching it much, to be honest. The picture's better, but it seems to show the same rubbish programmes the old one did.

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