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5:53pm on Saturday, 19th November, 2016:



I went to the WordPlay event in London today at the British Library. Its focus is interactive fiction, and I was on a panel about tools for writing IF. Because there were four of us on the panel, we didn't have long to speak about our tools, so I only had a few slides (you can see them here). I spent them outlining the central thrust of MUDDLE, which is the language in which MUD2 was written.

The event was packed — people were standing — and there was a very strong line-up of speakers. I wish I'd gone earlier and had been able to stay longer. If they hold it in London next year (it was in Toronto 2013-2015), I'll try to make a day of it. They'll need a bigger room, though.

Also, if I make a day of it, I won't travel in on the 11am train and find myself having to stand for the entire, hour-long journey. Pesky Christmas shoppers...

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