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4:27pm on Sunday, 18th September, 2016:



I was up in Yorkshire over the weekend to see my dad. It was a rather unusual visit, as he'd gone to the local cardiovascular hospital to have an echo scan done of his heart and the consultant kept him in. We had to drive over every day in order to see him. It's a rather better hospital than the one we have in Colchester. For a start, it's possible to park in their car park.

On the way back to Essex we went over the Humber Bridge, as it's not far from the hospital. It was a clear day so we were hoping for some spectacular views. Unfortunately, we chose the same day as some kind of run-across-the-Humber-Bridge event, so were moved in by a lane and all we saw were runners.

There was a queue before the bridge, which we were wondering about until an ambulance shot past with its lights and siren going. Probably someone on the run had collapsed.

Lucky for them they weren't all that far from an excellent cardiovascular hospital, then.

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