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10:44am on Sunday, 9th October, 2016:

Past and Present


Fewer than 40 photos of me before the age of 18 are in existence. I possess 27 myself, but am allowing for the possible existence of a handful in the collections of family friends and distant relatives. Eight of these photos are in colour, the rest are monochrome.

There are no videos or other moving images of me before the age of 18. Maybe three black-and-white ones were taken at school (it got a video camera in the mid-1970s), but the tape was re-used multiple times because it was expensive and took up too much space to store.

A child today can easily have that many photos and videos of them taken in half an hour. Genealogists a thousand years from now won't have any issues wondering what they looked like.

How long will it be before we commonly have images of ourselves in 3D?

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