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6:10pm on Thursday, 8th September, 2016:

Wide Awake


My wife had a 4:15pm specialist dental appointment today, and I had to drive her there because why would she drive herself?

At 3:45, she was in some kind of conference call and I had to point out that we needed to leave Real Soon Now. She finished making her point then left the meeting and found herself in a rush. We set off at about 3:55, to make a journey that under ideal conditions would take 15 minutes and under "oh, the schools have just emptied and the roads will be full" conditions maybe 25. I was definitely going to have to drive directly to the dentist's, with its 5-car car park, rather than stop in a Colchester multi-storey a whole 5-minute walk away.

Fortunately, the gods were with us and I got there with about 2 minutes to go. There was nowhere to park. My wife had neglected to bring her phone with her, because of the aforementioned rush, so I was going to have to turn round, park in Colchester, then meet her in the waiting room. As I was turning round, though, a car left, so I was able to park in the car park.

I was not able to sit in the waiting room. It was packed. All the dentists were running late (hey, it's what they do) and every seat was taken except one. My wife used that, and began to fill in the lengthy form she'd been given. I had to go out and sit in the car, with no idea of how long she'd be. Did I have time to wander into Colchester? Probably, but as she didn't have her phone, I couldn't be sure I'd be back in time.

So, what could I dowhile sitting in my car for an indeterminate length of time? I'm sure there are plenty of ideas involving my own phone, the radio, my ipod, the car's manual, but I didn't bother with any of them. I decided to go to sleep.

An hour later, my wife emerged. They hadn't done any work on her, it was just a consultation, but it had taken ages because the tooth that the dentist needed to look at (number 4) was written in such a way as to look like a different number (number 7) for a perfectly healthy tooth.

As a result of this, I got an hour's sleep at a time of day when I'm not in the habit of having sleep, and I'll probably be awake until 1am as a consequence.

She has another appointment later in the month at 8:45am. For this one, I'll be bringing my laptop...

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