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8:02pm on Wednesday, 6th July, 2016:



Today we were in Bilbao. It's quite a rich city by the look of things, perhaps because of the rejuvination brought about by the locating of the world-famous Guggenheim museum here, but maybe it was well-off anyway.

We spent the morning checking out the old town and trying to find the large square there (we had to resort to Google maps in the end). Lunch was tapas so good that I don't know why people in Bilbao eat anything else (perhaps they don't?).

In the afternoon, we visited the Guggenheim.

Hmm. It didn't have as much in it as I was expecting. Some of the exhibits were enormous, but there's a lot of space to fill and not enough exhibits in my view. I was a little disappointed by it, to be honest.

Bilbao itself, on the other hand, I quite liked — it has a lot of style to it. This is probably just as well, because we have a second day there tomorrow.

Half the pictures my camera takes are coming out bleached of colour. I may have to switch to using my phone.

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