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7:56am on Monday, 5th September, 2016:

On and Off


I got up at around 6:10am this morning, as I do most days because my wife commutes to London. While waiting for the bathroom, as I do most days because my wife gets in there first, I looked out of the west-facing window on the landing. Hmm, we had some rain last night.

Suddenly, I spotted this amazing rainbow. It hadn't been there seconds ago, but now it was there. It was complete and it was very high (because the sun was so low). It has a fainter, second rainbow round it.

At this point, my wife emerged from the bathroom and had a look at it too. I went into the bathroom (which is east-facing) and couldn't even see the sun above the horizon, it was so low. I figured I'd just brush my teeth then I'd go grab my camera and take a photo of it.

I brushed my teeth, I went back to the west-facing window, and the rainbow had gone.

I always thought that rainbows just faded away. I didn't realise they had an on/off switch.

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